Pet Care

Is it OK to groom your own dog?

All dogs need grooming of some kind, from a basic bath and nail trim to an elaborate hair cut. Your dog’s particular needs will depend on breed and fur type. Here are some do’s and don’ts […]

Pet Care

How to buy a puppy online

You’re ready to bring home a new canine family member but you want to do it right. Learn how to choose the right breed for your family and how to avoid scams, puppy mills, and […]

Pet Care

5 things you didn’t know about black cats

October 27th is National Black Cat Day. At Halloween/Samhain time we think of witches, pumpkins, and black cats. There is no shortage of misinformation, legends, and superstitions about black cats in popular culture, but how […]

How to scan for a pet microchip

Microchips are a lost pet’s ticket back home, but they can be missed by an improper scan. Whether you’re an animal welfare professional, a rescuer, or just a pet parent, you should know how to […]

Lost Pet Recovery

Pet microchip myths BUSTED

Microchips save lives and keep your pets safe. Key to their effectiveness is understanding how they do and don’t work. From the sublime to the absurd, here are some of the most common myths about […]