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5 things you didn’t know about black cats

October 27th is National Black Cat Day. At Halloween/Samhain time we think of witches, pumpkins, and black cats. There is no shortage of misinformation, legends, and superstitions about black cats in popular culture, but how […]

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Which QR code pet tag is the best?

A search for QR code pet tags will yield hundreds of results. From name brand American tech company subscriptions to cheap Chinese products on Amazon, the dizzying array can confuse a potential buyer. What’s the […]

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Senior cat care

When kitties move into their “golden years” they need special consideration for their well-being. Here are five important steps to keep your senior cat healthy and comfortable. 1) Brushing I have been blessed with many […]

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Should pets be given as gifts?

Should pets be given as gifts? This is a controversial subject sure to spark lively conversation. Most people will say no, it’s a bad idea, but is this true? For many years those of us […]

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How to prove pet ownership

Proving ownership of your pets may seem simple, but it actually isn’t. It’s the sort of thing you won’t think about until you have a problem and then it may be too late. Check out […]

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Cat personalities

What is your cat’s personality? Learn about the basic personality types, how they interact with you and other pets, and how to keep them safe. Is it personality or cat-anality? Purr-sonality perhaps? In any case, […]