Lost Pet Recovery

Are pet microchips GPS?

Can a microchip help to locate your lost pet? What other GPS products are available on the market today for pets? Pet microchipping came on the market in the 90’s and revolutionized pet care. Finally, […]

Horse care and training

Should I blanket my horse?

As temperatures drop I see a question often asked on social media. Should I blanket my horse? Like most animal care questions there isn’t one simple answer. There are several important considerations that will help […]

Horse care and training

I got a new horse!

Meet the newest family member River the Norwegian Fjord horse! He joins Maggie and me for adventures. Want a Fjord of your own? Visit www.NFHR.com the Norwegian Fjord Horse Registry. www.HugheyFarmFjords.com River’s breeder in Montana. […]

Pet Business

First Street Pets hacked!

First Street Pets was hacked! How did this happen, what steps did I take to address it, and how can you prevent your website from being compromised? #petwebsite #godaddy #petsitter #petbusiness #wordpress Hacked! Ironically, I […]